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When a new customer integrates with our TCA we want to make sure that the integration follows our best practice guidelines and is set up to a standard that means you will get the best experience. 

Why do we do a certification review?

Turnitin runs a certification review for the following reasons;

  • To document your integration for our Support Team.
  • To ensure that your integration is solid and follows best practice guidelines.
  • To trigger provisioning of your account in our Production system (if required).


Once you think your integration set up is complete, please contact the Professional Services team to arrange your certification review. 

What Happens?

The session will be conducted via a video call.

During the session, you will be asked to share your screen and provide a demo of the integration. The demo should start with the configuration page, (if your use case requires it) and continue to the submission workflow showing presentation of EULA.  You may also be asked to display the integration code. 

Review questions

During the certification review session, you will be asked some questions that will help us complete the session. Before the review, please consider what your answers are to the following questions:

1.  What Integration Programming Language have you used?

2.  What is the value for X-Turnitin-Integration-Name? 

3.  What is the value for X-Turnitin-Integration-Version? 

4. What is your EULA Workflow for submission

  • Storing the latest EULA version, (every 24 hours) and the latest EULA version accepted for each user in your database to minimize ‘chatty’ behavior.

5.  Questions around the ‘Create a submission’:

  • What does ‘owner’ and ‘submitter', (if used) map to in your Product, what are the IDs?
  • What metadata is being sent, (owner, group, group_context)?
  • What permission sets are being used?
  • What error handling and logging is in place?
  • What is the retry process for network issues and outages? Assume service can be down.
  • How do you manage HTTP 451 when the submitter has not accepted EULA?
  • Have you limited file formats or do you rely on API responses, (UNSUPPORTED_FILETYPE)

6.  Questions around webhook processing following ‘Upload Submission’:

  • Is it used to trigger report generation?
  • What error handling and logging is in place?
  • Have you used polling to check when there is no response from webhook?

7.  Questions around ‘Generate Similarity Report’:

  • What index option is being used?
  • Do you use 'submission_auto_excludes'?
  • Are you setting 'auto_exclude_self_matching_scope' and if so what value?
  • What priority is used?
  • What error handling and logging is in place?
  • What is the retry process for network issues and outages?
  • Is PDF generation being used?

8.  Questions around webhook processing following ‘Generate Similarity Report’:

  • Is this used to enable viewer launch in your UI?
  • Is polling used to check when no response from webhook?
  • Is the Similarity score percentage stored in your database?

9.  Questions around ‘Viewer Launch’:

  • What does 'viewer_user_id' map to in your product, what is the ID?
  • Are you handling EULA display and passing EULA attributes or relying on 'EULA Click-Through'?
  • What values do you use for 'viewer_default_permission_set'?
  • Are save changes being used?
  • What error handling and logging is in place?

10. General Questions:

  • Is delete endpoint being used?
  • Is there a workflow allowing re-submit for failures?
  • Is there a workflow allowing bulk resubmit?
  • Is your support staff trained?

Professional Services will make appropriate notes that are passed to our Support Team as a record of your integration.

If any potential issues are discovered during the session, Professional Services will provide a follow-up email advising on the remedial development required to achieve certification.